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#Eulora Irc Bots


Maintained by shinohai

Prefix: !~

command description
!~calc [expression] Calculates
!~eulora.win Returns url for Eulora quick-start guide for Windows users. http://bit-box.org/blog/?p=5
!~eu.town Returns location of the Town in Eulora (176, 56, 161)
!~tr [language] to [language] [string] Translates text from first language to second language. Language symbol is two-characters. Example: !~tr en to la "i think everyone says that."
!~google [search] View top three Google hits for [search]
!~ticker (--market all)(--currency xxx) View latest BTCUSD exchange rate as per Bitstamp. Suffix (--market all) views latest BTCUSD on all major exchanges. Suffix (--market xxx) views latest BTCxxx on all major exchanges.
!~bcstats View Bitcoin network blockheight, difficulty blocks until next difficulty reset, and estimated time until next difficulty reset
!~seen [nickname]/td> View time elapsed since [nickname] was in channel and what they wrote last
!~bible [book] [chapter:verse] View selected chapter and verse from the Xtian Bible
!~step [#] View Step [#] from the AA Bible
!~bash [#] Nominate previous [#] of lines for posterity on bash.contravex.com


Maintained by lobbes

Prefix: !Q

command description
!Qs [string] Search #Eulora logs for [string]
RSS Announce [automated function] Announces blog posts by fellow Eulorans
Title Snarf [automated function] Snarfs urls dropped in chan and returns the title


Maintained by jurov & Azelphur

Prefix: &

command description
&item Returns Euloran item information

#Eulora log-o-tron maintained by lobbes